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Cooking beef on the BBQ

Last week in the #GoodMeat series Bondi Harvest chef, Guy Turland, explored some of the unique ways that scientists and farmers are working together to decrease methane emissions from cattle. This week Guy shows you how to cook Aussie grass-fed beef using double rib eye and bone marrow on the BBQ. As part of his #GoodMeat journey, Guy includes a specially sourced algae in his recipe that not only tastes great but also helps reduce methane emissions from cattle!

See how Guy puts it all together to cook up his signature #GoodMeat dish - BBQ Double Rib Eye & Bone Marrow served with Algae - below!

If you’re interested in more about methane emissions from Australian beef production, you can find out more via our Emissions page and if you want to share the facts with your friends, we’ve got shareable fact cards and infographics here.