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Cattle Farmers protecting the Reef

This week an animated Andrew “Reidy” Reid from Bondi Rescue takes us on a journey to discover how cattle farmers are looking after the health of Australian waterways. How can a farmer hundreds of kilometres from the nearest ocean have an impact on the health of the ocean you ask? Well sometimes heavy rainfall can wash away topsoil and other contaminants from grazing land and into waterways, generating potentially harmful consequences for fragile ecosystems such as The Great Barrier Reef. By carefully managing their land and herds cattle farmers are reducing soil runoff and minimising impacts on the Reef.  

The Great Barrier Reef is an example of a precious ecosystem that is collectively being looked after by farmers, industry and government. They are continually  investing in research, development and extension programs to assist farmers in the best management of their land to improve pasture cover throughout the year and keep soil out of the reef.

Healthy soils and ground cover can contribute to our land and environment by:

  1. Reducing water run-off and erosion which in turn protects sensitive ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef,
  2. Capturing nutrients and retaining moisture which are key to pasture growth,
  3. Storing large volumes of carbon dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere,
  4. Helping trees and other plant species grow, providing shelter and habitats for native animals

Join Reidy below as he explores some of the ways  Australian cattle farmers are minimising their impact on the Great Barrier Reef .



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