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Aussie Beef & The Environment

This week Guy Turland from Bondi Harvest takes us on an animated journey to understand what Australian cattle farmers are doing to reduce the environmental impact of beef production - and it's pretty impressive!

Cattle farmers have made significant environmental improvements over the last 30 years, decreasing water use by 65% by capping bores and reducing irrigation. Farmers have also focused on efficiencies that have reduced cattle's emissions intensity by 14%! Last but not least, cattle farmers have reduced emissions associated with land use change by 42%. All of these actions have directly contributed to a reduction in emissions caused by Aussie beef production. On the world stage, livestock emissions in Australia account for approximately 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions, which is comparatively lower than the global average of 14%.



If you’re interested in reading more about the environmental improvements cattle farmers have made over the last 30 years, you can take a look at the study here. Also, we've got plenty more information about methane emissions & water use which you can read about on our emissions & water  pages. If you want to share the facts with your friends, we’ve got shareable fact cards and infographics here.