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Animal Welfare in Feedlots

#GoodMeat is a three part, 12 episode YouTube series that explores some of the perceived issues associated with beef production. We're tackling the big topics you care about including animal welfare in Australian feedlots, climate change from methane emissions and protecting the Great Barrier Reef from sediment run off.

This week wild man and animal enthusiast Andrew Ucles heads out to Gundamain Feedlot to lift the lid on animal welfare in Australian feedlots. Check out his video below.

If you're interested in more information about feedlots in Australia you can read up on it via our Feedlots & Grain Fed page – and if you want to share the facts with your friends, we've also got some pretty cool graphics HERE that you can read & share online.

In our final episode with Andrew Ucles – there will be four in total – he'll be answering some of the questions that YOU have about his experience at an Aussie feedlot. For a chance to have Ucles answer your question, simply Tweet it using the #GoodMeat hashtag or post your question on our Facebook page.