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Bondi Lifeguard: Sustainable Grazing Between the Flags

Australia is a big place. We don’t need to tell you that, it’s obvious. So it should come as no surprise to find out that no two sheep or cattle farms in Australia are the same.

Some farms have big red sandhills, some have rivers running through them, some have lotsa lotsa green grass, some have forests on them. A smaller farm can sometimes have more livestock than their larger mates – this could be because of their annual rainfall or perhaps their soil is more fertile. Some farms can grow crops, and some farms are best suited to raising livestock. They are all different, and so need to be managed differently.

This week we follow Reidy to Goondiwindi and meet Farmer Cranney. Cranney teaches us about a practice used on his farm to improve the health of his soil & grasses using  a technique called ‘time managed grazing’ – a sustainable farming practice that works well for Cranney on the farm that he manages.

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