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Become a Cattle Zen Master with a Bondi Lifeguard

Stress / noun
a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.
"he's obviously under a lot of stress"

Being stressed is the worst. And being around stressed people is the worst. And getting stressed from those stressed people is the worst. And so we wrap ourselves up in lycra and chant Namaste at the local park at 5am, because perhaps that will make us less stressed. We got stressful lives.

But what if you could eliminate that stress altogether, so that it never came through the door and walked all over you? Well that’s exactly what cattle and sheep farmers across Australia are doing, and they’re doing it to create a low stress environment for their livestock.



Successful handling of livestock requires an understanding of their natural behaviour. Australian cattle and sheep farmers care for their animals and appreciate that best practice in animal husbandry is paramount to running a successful, sustainable and ethical business. It increases productivity and profitability as calm, quiet, stress-free livestock also produce better quality meat.

The principals of low stress stock handling cover everything from yard and facility design as well as the interaction between people and livestock during muster, the carrying out of husbandry procedures, transport, and at processing facilities. Head over here if you’d like to learn more about low stress stockhandling.

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