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Good Meat 2.0

 #GoodMeat is back, and it's safe to say that we're fairly excited over here at Target 100! Hopefully you watched Season One, but if you didn't, it's not too late to take a peek at the episodes on our YouTube Channel.

So, what's in store for you this season? Well....ever wondered what really happens on an sheep or cattle farm? And we're talking Australian sheep and cattle farms, because there is a lot of info out there  (we've seen it & you've pointed it out to us) that comes from overseas - which isn't a bad thing, it's just we've got a pretty different production system here in Oz. And if you're passionate about food and farming, what better place to start your education than in your own backyard?  

So....this season we're asking you if you've ever thought about what would happen if you bought your own farm? A lot of people talk about 'the lifestyle' of country living (we've all seen the magazine right?), but gorgeous house aside, where do you even BEGIN with the actual, you know, farming bit?


 Do you just pop some cattle in the paddock and sell them when they’re fat?


But what cattle would you have, and does it even matter? Maybe you should have sheep.


Because then you'll have this lamb rockin' around just helping out with the monthly planning, just like he's helping these guys in this staged photo.


Back to business. Where are you going to source the livestock from? Did you hear the latest trend is actually online livestock shopping. We kid you not. It's a real thang.


But those livestock trucks...hmmm. Would your animals really need to travel on them? Australia was built on droving wasn't it? Hugh Jackman circa 2008. 3,000km, too far to walk?


Of course you're probably going to need a dog - man's best friend, right? Frankie looks keen...

"Baa ram you." - Babe the pig Frankie, 2016

 Would your meat eventually end up on an Aussie BBQ or would some lucky bloke be chowing down on it in Asia, Europe or the Middle East?


The recipe for this delight can be found here. We got you covered.

Good Meat season two answers all these topics and MORE. We've taken our mate Andrew 'Reidy' Reid from Bondi Rescue to the bush to see if we can't turn him into Aussie famer yet. Rob Nixon, from Nicko’s Kitchen has also got on board to take a deeper look into the Aussie beef and lamb supply chain. We work in the industry and it can be a complex beast even to us - cue these videos. This series was developed because we know you guys are passionate about your meat and where it comes from, which is why we want to ensure that you’re able to access accurate Australian info straight from those who produce it. So check in every Wednesday for the next few weeks as we share #GoodMeat Season Two. You can access all the episodes as they're released, below. Enjoy!

If you've got any questions about the series pop them up on social media using the hashtag #GoodMeat and we'll answer them as best we can.

Episode 1