Meet Australian cattle & sheep farmers, discover 100 research projects and learn more about what is important to the sustainability of the industry

Virtual Farm Visit

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Have you ever wanted your students to visit a real cattle or sheep farm? Well the Virtual Farm Visit is the next best thing. Take a tour of three different farms around Australia and meet the people and animals that live there and see what happens on a day to day basis.

Click on the gate below to start your Virtual Farm Visit.

Virtual Farm Visit

Note for teachers – Links to the National Curriculum

This is a valuable resource for the study of food we grow for use in the Year 4 - 7 Technologies Curriculum. It is particularly relevant for the content descriptions about the range of technologies, materials, systems, tools and equipment, involved in growing meat and wool. The sections on the use of materials and systems for producing beef and lamb, and using different pastures, fencing, breeding and soil management techniques in the farming process are important for the identification of factors that influence design of the production processes. The sections on water conservation, sustainable farming practices and use of solar energy systems contribute to the inclusion of the Sustainability Cross- Curriculum priority.

The Virtual Farm Visit is also relevant for developing an understanding of places where people live to farm cattle and sheep and factors that shape the human and environmental characteristics of places in the Year 5 Geography Curriculum. Students also explore issues about the sustainable management of the farms and why this is important which is relevant in the Year 4 Geography Curriculum