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Vitulus Lockyer Valley Beef

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Our Story 

Vitulus Beef is produced in the beautiful, fertile Lockyer Valley from selected, Australian Ausline cattle specifically bred for taste. We are a gourmet producer that specializes in quality and tenderness and are in total control of our product from the paddock to your plate. What makes our Beef so different? There are a number of factors that differentiate our beef from any other product on the market. We know you will be able to taste the difference.


This is range fed beef at its best. At all times our cattle have access to grass and the natural environment as the health and happiness of the animal is foremost. We want our cattle to live in a stress free environment as this has a direct correlation to the quality of the meat produced. As such we rotate the pastures regularly and we engage in low stress stock handling techniques. Our beef is hormone, antibiotic and GMO free.


Science has proven that smaller cattle have finer grained beef and finer grained beef is the most tender. This, we believe, is due to the shorter cell structure of the Ausline and Lowline breed. They are, in general, 30% smaller than traditional breeds. We DNA test our cattle for the tenderness gene and selectively breed for it in our herd. Our beef is naturally marbled without being excessively fatty.


Vitulus beef is raised on grass for the first 13-18 months and then finished with a grain supplement. We don’t feed our cattle urea and instead we maintain the protein content with lupins which provide the highest nutritional value for the animal food chain. Our cattle are fed a diet that has a ratio of the essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 of 4:1 and not 15:1 as happens in the majority of feedlots today. We have had our meat scientifically tested to verify these results. So not only is our beef tasty it is also good for you. This is the way meat was meant to taste.


Careful selection, over many generations, has produced a beef carcass of which we can be proud. Not only have our genetics produced steers that win on the hoof but also on the hook wining at Royal Shows against all breeds and entries.

Awards Meating the Market

Vitulus is continually benchmarking its product. Our wins to date endorse our product as world leading. As well as being placed in recent taste tests we have won numerous carcass competitions, which are all measured scientifically. Our Royal Brisbane Show wins were against over 350 other entrants of all breeds.
2014: Reserve Champion Lightweight Carcass
2012: Silver Medal Royal Sydney Show Branded Beef Competition
2012: Finalist Delicious Produce Awards 2011: Grand Champion Lightweight Carcass
2010: Grand Champion Heavyweight Carcass Warwick Hoof and Hook
2009: Grand Champion Carcass Champion Lightweight Carcass Champion Heavyweight Carcass Royal Brisbane Show
2007: Grand Champion Carcass Royal Brisbane Show
2006: Winner MSA Eating Quality Awards Royal Brisbane Show

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