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Richard, Susie, Benjamin & Thomas Duddy

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Our story...

We are focused on producing approximately 1,000 pure Angus steers for the Woolworths Fresh Food Program. They are fed on fodder crops and supplemented with grain, all grown on our property.
We use rotational grazing to ensure that our paddocks are not overgrazed and to give our fodder crops and pastures the optimum time to recover.  Our country consists of fertile creek flats to sloping pasture country.
We try to source as many cattle from our local area which cuts down transport costs while also giving the benefit of cattle already being acclimatised to the local area.
Our infrastructure on the property has all been manufactured for low stress handling which gives the benefit of a premium product once stock is processed. This not only allows a premium product on the supermarket shelf but ensures the best animal welfare standards.

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