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Richard & Loxley Fedec - Dorper Stud Park

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Our story…

Our farming system is simple - find low impact ways to produce more from less. Our philosophy is to find a balance between production, sustainability and lifestyle. On farm we produce all our own power from a high end solar power system and our main farm vehicle is an electric buggy. Our water is from on-farm sources and does not rely on power to supply the homestead or paddocks. A third of our farm is natural ecosystems and wetland which have been fenced to prohibit stock access.

Dorper Stud Park is a small stud committed to breeding animals that are better equipped to deliver success. The dorper breed was selected because it is already a naturally highly productive breed with high fertility, excellent mothering skills and non-seasonal breeding. The dorper was developed in South Africa as a meat producing animal with a spontaneous shedding coat. The breed is proven to frequently deliver in excess of 200% lambing yield (meaning lots of twin lambs).  

Perennial pastures with minimal chemical use support our sheep within a natural grazing system. We interact with our stock often and do not use dogs to assist with their movement. It is paramount to keep our stock happy and they are usually happy to come when called.

As a stud we are fundamentally a seedstock producer so every animal on the farm is well documented and extensive data is collected and recorded for research and reference. As an example, we intermittently milk our ewes after weaning to ascertain yield, udder conformation and function. Milk is also analysed for consistency and quality. This information is then related back to the performance of the lambs during various growth stages with sometimes astounding results. We have, as a result, been able to make well informed decisions when selecting animals that will perform to a high level with a lot less effort for our commercial clients.

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