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Ray & Leah Vella

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Our story...

I am a third generation beef and sugar cane farmer.   Together with my wife Leah and our three children, Kurt, Kayla and Beau we manage and own one of the family’s beef properties, “Bald Hills”. “Bald Hills” is situated 150 kilometres north of Rockhampton, directly on the Queensland coastline with ocean frontage.   “Bald Hills” is 18,000 acres running a breeding and fattening operation of approximately 3000 head of cattle.

In 2012, I received an Australian Nuffield Farming Scholarship, proudly sponsored by Meat and Livestock Austrlia.  This allowed me the opportunity to study the world’s best practice pasture management and other key elements of the beef industry all around the world for seventeen weeks.   During my travels, I gained knowledge maximizing sustainable grazing systems and also increasing my understanding of the productive gains that come from correct genetic selection in our cattle herds.

When I look at our cattle, I see them as a plough, slasher and fertiliser – they’re part of a farming operation and play a huge role in contributing to the health of the soil. Soil health is the heart and soul of every farming operation; it’s critical to increasing production and ultimately kilograms over the hook.

The cattle that we raise at “Bald Hills” is what we want to be a reflection on how we love and care for the land and the pastures that we raise them on. We are proud to call ourselves beef farmers.

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