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John & Vicki Mauger

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Our story...

We are a true family business that has been operating for over 50 years and improving all the time.

My wife Vicki and I own a cattle and sheep property in the southern highlands of New South Wales. My life started on the farm with my Dad, before I became a butcher shop owner and caterer. This all changed when my son Mat became the butcher and I moved back out to the farm.

Since returning to the farm time has allowed me to improve my farming practices. Our paddocks have been divided and re-fenced to allow for better grazing practices and to keep our cattle and sheep off waterways. Our property has rich red sandy loam soil and we normally receive 1500mm of rainfall yearly. We regularly soil test to check the health of our soil and we are increasing our use of organic fertiliser.

Our cattle are predominantly Angus breed with Hereford and Murray Gray influences, while our lambs are a Dorset cross. Our livestock are grass fed on the property until they are ready for processing. When handling our livestock we try to minimise stress, this includes when we take them to the abattoir. After processing they are delivered to our butchery within 24 hours, where they can be aged for up to eight weeks.   

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