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Jim and Yvonne Benton

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Our story...

Weathervale is a 136-hectare granite property located 10km east of Glen Innes in Northern NSW. The property is owned by Jim and Yvonne Benton. Weathervale is used as a backgrounding depot for weaners from the Benton’s breeder properties located north-west of Glen Innes. 

The property is sub-divided into 20 paddocks ranging in size from 3 to 13ha. The property is stocked principally with young cattle from April at weaning to the following January when cattle are sold, each year. The property is lightly stocked from January to April each year to allow pasture to build up and set seed. 
The Weathervale pasture program incorporates a system of managed grazing, soil monitoring, strategic fertilizer use and invasive weed control, which has led to a sustainable, productive and diverse pasture of both native and introduced species. Our target is 100% groundcover at all times. We aim to build soil organic matter and to maximise water use efficiency across the farm. 
We are long-time members of GLENRAC, the local Landcare network and the Glen East Landcare group. We have undertaken extensive tree plantings across the property to increase the proportion of native vegetation to provide shelter for our cattle and pastures as well as creating habitat connectivity for native fauna to nearby travelling stock routes. 
Through our involvement with GLENRAC we have opened our farm gate to host field days and paddock walks to allow other land managers the opportunity to view our management practises and the gather information which may assist them in making decisions relating to sustainable land management at home.

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