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Anthony Waugh & Agness Knapik - High Steaks Farming

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Our story:

High Steaks Farm is a 5000 acre patch of native bush and grasslands in the Central Highlands of NSW producing post-organic beef and lamb.

We are passionate about animal welfare, the environment and good food. It’s often thought in modern agriculture, that these elements can’t co-exist, and that one always has to suffer in order the bring forth the other. Our farming methods are based on the underlying principle that if we worry about animal welfare and the general health of the environment, production will take care of itself.

We believe that farming practices should not only be sustainable but can actually be regenerative. We see our role as managing the whole ecosystem of the farm, to ensure that it is diverse, robust and resilient. That means looking after the smallest soil microbes, the grasses, shrubs and trees, the native bugs, frogs, snakes, lizards, birds and mammals as well as the sheep and cattle.

Our animals are raised and finished exclusively on perennial, native pasture. We produce exceptional quality beef and lamb without the use of herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilisers, growth hormone or antibiotics. The lack of farm inputs enables us to sell high quality meat at a competitive rate.

Our meat is sold directly to people who care about the providence of their food and understand the link between healthy land and healthy food. We ask our customers to give us their accreditation by reviewing our approach and practices. We also have an open farm policy.

We keep a farm diary at which talks about our philosophy and the day to day running of the farm.

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