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Target 100 is an initiative by Australian cattle and sheep farmers, along with the broader industry, to deliver sustainable cattle and sheep farming by 2020.

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Sustainable cattle and sheep farming

Australian cattle and sheep farmers are committed to producing beef and lamb sustainably. As passionate stewards of almost 50% of Australia’s landmass, Australia’s cattle and sheep farmers work hard to leave the land, waterways, vegetation and soils in better condition for future generations.

Every day cattle and sheep farmers across Australia are doing simple things to improve their environmental sustainability, whether it be installing solar panels, fencing off dams to increase biodiversity on their properties or using different stocking strategies to improve soil health and groundcover.

For Australia’s cattle and sheep farmers, sustainability isn’t only about the environment, it’s also about good animal welfare, contributing to their local communities, and ensuring that cattle and sheep farming is economically viable for future generations.

Through their industry levies, cattle and sheep farmers also invest in research, development and extension projects to continually improve their sustainability and reduce the resources they use. Each year cattle and sheep farmers invest more than $13 million in research and development to reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

The industry’s Target 100 initiative demonstrates the long term commitment of Australia’s cattle and sheep farmers to advance sustainable practices – from an environmental, animal welfare, social and economic perspective - and ensure a sustainable food supply for generations to come. Target 100 outlines 100 research, development and extension activities covering soil, water, energy, pests and weeds, biodiversity, emissions and animal welfare.

Join the conversation

But Target 100 is more than just the research, it is also about creating an open discussion between cattle and sheep farmers and the community. By visiting Target 100 you can see for yourself what Australia’s cattle and sheep farmers are doing on their properties to be more sustainable, and while you’re there you can also join in Facebook discussions or be part of the conversation on Twitter.

Target 100 is about sharing what’s going on every day of year on cattle and sheep farms, and helping to connect the community with how their beef and lamb is produced.

If you’re a  cattle and sheep farmer with a sustainable story to tell, help promote your industry by uploading your story to show what you are doing on your farm and join in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Target 100 gives all cattle and sheep farmers the chance to engage with the community and vice versa.

Who is driving Target 100?

Australian cattle and sheep farmers from across Australia are the driving force behind Target 100, through our industry representative bodies, Cattle Council of Australia, Sheepmeat Council of Australia, Australian Meat Industry Council, Australian Lot Feeders Association, Australian Meat Processing Corporation and service provider Meat & Livestock Australia – with a commitment to a more sustainable industry.

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