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Initiative 96

The long term effect of feedlot manure on soil

The use of feedlot and other manures in broadacre farming has traditionally been based on their potential to provide an alternative and cost-effective source of nutrients to conventional fertilisers. Recently, there has been growing interest in these products for their potential to provide long term increases in soil organic matter.

What are we doing?

This project will utilise field trials to examine the effect of long term applications of feedlot manure and other manure/soil amendment products on a range of soil parameters, including nutrient and organic matter levels, microbial activity and physical structure. The economic value of these attributes will also be evaluated, so feedlot manure can be valued for the physical, microbial and chemical benefits it provides, not just $/kg of nutrient, when applied as a soil amendment in broadacre farming systems.


March 2018

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