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Initiative 94

Sustainable wild dog control (B.AHE.0219)

The role of wild dogs in agro-ecosystems in eastern Australia is unclear. Wild dogs affect livestock production enterprises in many areas but they are also perceived to reduce competition between livestock and kangaroos and enhance biodiversity conservation efforts by suppressing foxes and feral cats. The interactions between dogs, foxes and cats and the likely effects of lethal control of wild dogs are speculated but, untested, and are affecting dog management options.

Research undertaken by Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre

What are we doing?

This project will determine whether current wild dog control practices increase, decrease or have no impact upon populations of native animals, cats and foxes.  It will also work to understand the attitudes of the Australian community and its various sectors to wild dogs and their lethal control in order to guide policy and control options for farmers.  This research will allow informed, strategic wild dog management action plans, which address the needs of meat and wool producers while ensuring custodianship of wildlife resources on private and adjacent public lands.


July 2017

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