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Initiative 77

Studying bedding materials for cattle feedlots (B.FLT.0379)

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the use of various types of bedding materials in cattle feedlots. While the primary interest relates to the potential for improvements in animal health and welfare, there are many other reasons bedding materials are being examined, including heat load amelioration, dag reduction, odour and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Research undertaken by Feedlot Services Australia

What are we doing?

An initial scoping study collated baseline data on previous and current bedding usage, and industry experience of the benefits and issues associated with the use of the various materials that have been trialled. It also identified sources of materials that are potentially available for use. Based on the collected information, a second research project is now being implemented  to examine the benefits of, and to address any issues arising from the use of, bedding materials in feedlots.


November 2015

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