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Initiative 99

Stopping domestic dogs becoming wild (B.AHE.220)

Wild dog impacts are increasingly being felt by farmers and residents of towns and suburbs throughout the more populated areas of eastern NSW and Queensland. In various forums, local governments throughout Australia have consistently identified the need to improve understanding of wild dog ecology and develop control tools for managing wild dogs in the non-urban areas close to cities and towns.

Research undertaken by Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre

What are we doing?

Relatively little is known about how town dogs contribute to the more general national wild dog population, or how best to control their increasing impacts that include spreading diseases, maiming and killing pets and livestock. Management tools used to control wild dogs across rural Australia have limited use in non-urban areas close to cities and towns. This project will help to understand and limit a source of wild dogs and actively reduce immigration of domestic dogs into wild populations.


July 2017

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