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Initiative 28

Preparing for a potential outbreak of Bluetounge disease in Australian Sheep

The Australian cattle industry now has access to a range of bovine respiratory disease (BVD) vaccines for use in either the pre-feedlot situation or at entry to the feedlot. There are currently no scientific publications available, where controlled studies have been conducted in commercial feedlots and published in peer reviewed journals, to support the health and production effects of the BRD vaccines currently available in Australia.

What are we doing?

This study is designed to separate the physiological and behavioural effects of backgrounding from the effects of vaccination and to evaluate them both separately and in combination. Backgrounding refers to the grouping and acclimatisation of animals prior to entry into the feedlot or intensive finishing system. The project will refine our knowledge of the effects of backgrounding with and without the use of vaccines, and will clarify the most appropriate use of BRD vaccines to optimise animal health outcomes and financial returns


May 2015

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