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Initiative 38

Grass Seed Action Program to cut waste

Grass seed infestation of lamb carcases, where seeds penetrate the animal’s body while it is grazing, is a significant issue for the Australian prime lamb industry, particularly lamb processors. During high risk periods, it is estimated up to 60 per cent of carcases required trimming. The cost of seed to processor businesses ranged from $10 - $20 per carcase and up to $30 for heavily infested carcases.

Research undertaken by Meat & Livestock Australia

What are we doing?

The National Grass Seed Action Program aims to provide those involved in the lamb industry with knowledge, skills, resources and targeted information to reduce grass seed infestation incidence to less than five per cent at processing facilities that actively engage in the program by 2015.  The project will involve a series of workshops for farmers in high risk areas and develop a nationally consistent feedback report to provide information to farmers on the grass seed infestation status of their lambs.


July 2015

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