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Initiative 1

Farm300: Boosting livestock production efficiency by reducing GHG emissions from livestock

The Farm300 project seeks to provide an integrated, coordinated and collaborative platform for achieving effective on farm practice change and impact of collective industry and government investment. In conjunction with program partners (AWI, GRDC, DA, AFI, CCA, SCA, Landmark and Ag Institute Australia), the program will enable producers to build knowledge and skills to adapt and improve management capability. Critical to this approach is to foster and maintain a network of deliverers who are equipped to support producers to identify opportunities within their business that will enable production efficiencies to be gained, adaptation of management practices and a subsequent reduction in GHG emissions. The program will run from June 2013 to May 2015 and will include a mix of communication activities, workshops and one to one extension to support practice change.

Research undertaken by Macquarie Franklin

What are we doing?

The project will up-skill at least 100 advisors to be able to provide advise on greenhouse gas emissions management and participation in the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), to producers. Further, 25 advisors will coach 300 producers to improve their awareness and skills in the area of emisisons managment and participation in the CFI.


June 2015