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Initiative 36

Targeted feral pig control

Apart from being potential carriers of exotic diseases, feral pigs pollute water sources, damage pastures, kill newborn lambs and damage livestock farmers’ fences.

Research undertaken by Invasive Animals Australia

What are we doing?

Researchers have developed PIGOUT® Econobaits, based on the pesticide known as 1080, and another more welfare and environmentally friendly toxin. The new baits potentially lower the cost of feral pig control for farmers. The cheaper bite-sized PIGOUT® baits require a stable formulation, before seeking regulatory registration. 

These baits, can be used in the HogHopper™, a light-weight, aluminium, box-shaped feeder, with lift doors on either side that harnesses the pigs’ natural feeding behaviour to gain access to the bait but which prevents non-targets accessing bait.



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