Meet Australian cattle & sheep farmers, discover 100 research projects and learn more about what is important to the sustainability of the industry

100 Initiatives

The initiatives are research and development projects that the cattle and sheep industry commissions Australian universities and research organisations to undertake to find more efficient and environmentally beneficial practices across the supply chain.

The 100 initiatives, both big and small, tackle the issues of biodiversity, water management, reducing emissions and promoting soil health to ensure we continue to lead the way in sustainably producing some of the world’s best beef and lamb.

To see what we are doing to improve our practices, check out our initiatives in the categories below. For further information you can contact us at Target 100.

Current Initiatives

Target 100 is made up of 100 active research, development and extension projects that focus on animal welfare and environmental sustainability within the context of profitable farming systems. Target 100 projects are led by cutting edge research groups including universities, the CSIRO, and government departments and agencies.

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Completed initiatives

There are 100 active initiatives at any one time on Target 100. As one project is completed, another projected is added. View the results of all competed projects here.

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